Pearl Information

Akoya Pearl:the classic pearl prized for their mirror like luster, Akoya pearls have been considered the traditional pearl for over a century. Akoya pearls are saltwater and produced by oysters.
Freshwater Pearls: grown in lakes and ponds around the mainland of China, freshwater pearls are produced by mussels.
South Sea Pearls:The average size of a South Sea pearl is 13mm, however, the can range in size from 9mm to 20mm. These pearls grow so large due to the size of the oyster and the time period of growth.
Tahitian “Black Pearls”: Perhaps the most recognized of the South Sea pearls are prized for their exotic appeal.
White South Sea Pearl: Possesses a deep satin like luster that makes this pearl and icon of status.

Pearl necklace lengths:Pearl necklaces come in five basic lengths: Choker, Princess, Matinee, Opera and Rope. You may have heard of some of the names but probably have no idea how long each is and, more importantly, how it sits on the neck and below.
Choker – 16 in
The pearl choker is the shortest length circling the neck. While a pearl choker can be worn with almost any neckline and looks great with every style, from casual to formal, make sure it doesn’t swallow the neck. Pearl chokers draw attention to the neck but if you have a particularly short or long neck, the attention should be drawn away from the neck to the shoulder line or below. As such, stay away from chokers. For everyone else, a choker is great classic, suitable for every occasion.
Princess – 18 in
A princess strand falls slightly below the neckline and compliments every neck-style from high to low. It’s great for office-wear as its length sits just above a blouse neckline and won’t be hidden like longer lengths.
Matinee – 24 in
The Matinee strand is most popular for formal occasions and is the perfect length for any little black dress event.
Opera – 32 in
Falling just below the bust line, the Opera strand is great for eveningwear and compliments every body shape
Rope – 46 in
The rope offers the most versatility. It can be worn long, tied, doubled, tripled, and can even be worn as a belt.

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