The Diamond

Colors of Diamonds

Diamonds can be found in every color. Different minerals and gases create the "Fancy" colors. Fancy is a true colored diamond versus a diamond that is just off color.


This graphic will help in the understanding of terms related to the cut of a diamond.

The cut of a diamond is different from the shape of a diamond. Cut refers to the facets, depth, and width of the diamond.

Why Cut Matters

Problems with poorly cut diamonds

Cut is the most important "C." Too shallow and the light  passes through. Too deep and the light never makes it back to the top.  Clarity and Color will not make up for a poor cut.


Click the link below to watch a Gemological Institute of America video on the 4 c's of diamonds.

4 C's Video

The Mounting

Anatomy of an engagement ring

The graphic shows jewelers terms and what they relate to on the mounting.